DIY – Mother-Daughter Aprons

When shopping on a budget, sometimes you have to be creative. Home Goods is always one of my go to places to find great deals on new items.

I was able to buy an apron, a set of kitchen towels and a large Yankee candle for $25 for my sister-in-law’s birthday.

I used the handtowels to make a small matching apron for my niece.  Here are a few photos to show how I made it.



I am not a seamstress and I don’t have the patience for patterns so I love to start with something that’s already made and make it into something new.

I used as much as I could from the finished edges on the towel.

I looked at the shape of the apron I bought to make the initial outline and used my son as a reference for the length since him and his cousin are close to the same size.

I cut the same shape for the apron out of the blue towel and cut the long edges on both towels to use for the ties.


I cut out rectangles from the floral print towel to use for the pockets.

Using the already finished edge for the top of the pocket, I tucked under about half and inch on the other three sides before pinning them and stitching them on the apron.  Once the pocket was attached, I added on line of stitching to the middle so she would have two pockets.


For the ruffles I cut two curved pieces from the short side using the finished edge from the blue towel.


I finished off the wider edge since that would be the edge at the top which would be seen.


I added pleats as I pinned it to the foral side of the apron having the finished sides of the fabric together.


I stiched these two together so I could make sure the pleats looked right before attaching the back of the apron.


On the back of the apron (the blue side) I added a pocket to the top using one of the smaller squares that I cut out of the floral towel.

The tie straps were pinned on before putting the font and back pieces of the apron together.  I pinned these facing each other and then sewed the top and sides together.



The apron was then turned right-side-out and the bottle hem was completed.




I love how it turned out so much that I made one (without ruffles) for my son using some fabric I already had.


It was a fun project and I’m sure there will be more little aprons in my future for these two! 🙂



DIY – Onesie Extender

As Oliver is starting to move into the 3-6 month size, I’ve noticed that brands can run very differently in size.  A majority of his clothes are Carter’s brand and these seem to fit him the longest.  He is currently wearing some of his 0-3 month Carter’s onesies while his Gymboree & Baby Gap 3-6 month onesies are getting too short.

I have a couple outfits in those brands that I really like so I was sad to see that the onesie was too short on him once the matching jackets and pants finally fit.  I found some onesie extenders online but I did not want to pay $15 for three of them.  I could have gone out and bought fabric and snaps and measured to make sure they lined up with the onesies I needed them for but that sounded more time consuming than it needed to be.

I found out that there are three different size and pattens for the snaps between the different brands.  I went through his short sleeve onesies that he didn’t wear very often and found this Gerber brand one.  This one came in a multipack and I love all of the other ones but this one didn’t go with anything else that he had so I was okay with cutting it apart.

ADSC_3266 copy

I started by cutting the snaps off.  I kept them together on the strip of fabric so I wouldn’t have to re-measure them later.

ADSC_3267 copy

Next I cut straight across the bottom of the onesie through both the front and the back layers.

ADSC_3268 copy

I straightened out the edges and kept the width slightly longer than the length of the fabric with the snaps.

ADSC_3269 copy

Facing the patterned sides together, I used a sewing machine to stitch around three of the sides.  Next, I flipped the fabric right-side-out and sewed the third side.
ADSC_3325 copy

Instead of using the sewing machine to attach the snaps, I stitched them on with embroidery thread by hand.

ADSC_3328 copy

Using the embroidery thread, I sewed around the outer three sides to attach it.  I made sure the finished side was on the inside and used the embroidery thread to hide the unfinished edges on the outside as well as protect it from fraying.

ADSC_3329 copy

I did the same thing for the other side.  Here is the finished product:

ADSC_3330 copy

I tried it out on a couple on his outfits and it works well!  I’m so glad he will get to wear these outfits a little longer now. 🙂ADSC_3334 copy

The Nursery

We are so excited to finally have the nursery put together and ready to welcome our baby boy any day!

ADSC_9208 copy


ADSC_9210 copy

The ‘baby’ storage box was something my Mom and I found at Savers and is the perfect size for holding diapers!

ADSC_9213 copy

This rocking chair is the same one that was in Shawn’s nursery and the lamp was from mine.

The end table is from Target and used to be in our living room (we spray painted it yellow).  The pillow is from HomeGoods but we found it at a garage sale.

ADSC_9212 copy

This dresser is from my bedroom set when I was younger and is already full of clothes for our little guy!  The changing table pad cover is one we found on clearance at JCPenney before we knew if our little one was a boy or a girl.


The gallery wall is a collection of art work and frames that we have been collecting for years.  The three frames with the animals are frames that were collected throughout different thrift stores and garage sales.  We originally wanted to do a gallery wall of just these frames but then they stopped showing up when we were shopping.  The ‘It’s so good to walk with Jesus’ plaque was something we found a couple summers ago at a garage sale for 25 cents.  Both green frames are from Goodwill and were spray painted.  The empty frame will have our little one’s first initial in it after he’s born.  The other frame has a plaque in it that my Mom found at Savers.  Its the exact print that I found on Pinterest and have been looking everywhere for for months!  I kept seeing the version of the print with the girl so I was excited to finally have this one!  The lemonade stand artwork used to be hanging in our hallway and was another Goodwill find for just 49 cents. The last frame is from my Nana’s house and is filled with scrapbook paper.

ADSC_9220 copy


ADSC_9216 copy

ADSC_9218 copy

ADSC_9225 copy

You can read more about the wall art in the Nursery from this post and the crib quilt from this post.

ADSC_9229 copy


The crib skirt we found at Goodwill before we knew if we were having a boy or a girl but knew yellow would be in the nursery color scheme.  The rug is one of the most recent things we found and we got that at a garage sale — it matches all of the colors perfectly!

ADSC_9232 copy

This owl we bought last fall at Pier1 before we were even expecting — it was too cute and we knew we would be having a baby soon so we bought it for the nursery and held on to it. 🙂


ADSC_9227 copy


This rocking chair I found several years ago at Goodwill for $2.99 and used it for multiple photo shoots.  I loved the natural wood color that it was but also knew it would be a cute addition to the nursery in green.

ADSC_9223 copy

Nursery Wall Art – DIY

I started collecting wall art for the nursery well before we were even expecting a baby and now we finally get to see it all come together!

I wanted to make a gallery wall over the dresser/changing table which is the opposite wall from the crib.  The rocking horse used to be in my older brother’s nursery and the two frames are from Goodwill and I got them for $1.50 each.

ADSC_3867 copy

A couple years ago I started finding the same picture frame at three different thrift stores and a then at a garage sale.  I went back to buy them from each place and was able to get all but one of the thrift stores.  I thought it would be neat to make a gallery wall of just these frames and it was also fun that they were different sizes.  I have kept my eye out for them but have had no luck since then so I decided to mix them in with a collage of other things.  In these frames I used a mix of scrapbook paper to add more color since I decided not to paint the actual frames.

The top left artwork I found at a garage sale a couple summers ago for $0.50 and the artwork on the bottom right was from Goodwill that I got for $0.49.  I originally had the lemonade stand plaque hanging in our hallway but replaced it with a floral piece after we found out we were having a boy so that I could use this one in the nursery.

The two plain wood frames were then spray painted green and I framed left over fabric from the quilt to the 8×10 frame.

ADSC_3870 copy


I decided to use the rocking horse on the opposite wall over the crib along with these letters.

The letters ‘A’ and ‘Y’ were both purchased from Goodwill.  These are another thing that kept showing up for a while and then I stopped seeing them once I started to collect them. 🙂  I originally decided to collect letters from thrift stores every time I found a letter I needed to spell out FAMILY.  I was going to paint them all the same color and hang them in our living room.  Once I saw how hard it was going to be to find all of the letters I decided to use them to spell out BABY instead.

The letter ‘A’ is from Pottery Barn and is one of their Mini Harper Painted Letters that is originally $29 each and the letter ‘Y’ is also originally from Pottery Barn and is one of their White Capital Letters for $10 each.  Both of these I found at a thrift store for a dollar each.  I thought about ordering two letter ‘B’s from their website in green so that they would be in the same font but then I decided spending almost $60 on two letters would undo all of the savings on the other two. 🙂

We ended up going to Michael’s to get the letter ‘B’ and found one that was between the two different size letters that we already have so it worked out perfectly.  These letters are originally $3.99 each and then we had a coupon for 40% off our entire purchase.

ADSC_3866 copy


I liked how the ‘A’ and the ‘Y’ were two different colors and knew I wanted the ‘B’s to both be the same color.  I used the same green color from the frames to paint these.

Along with the letters and the rocking horse (also spray painted green), I decided to make a small banner using the left over fabric from the crib quilt.

ADSC_3871 copy


Once we have the crib and make sure that all of the furniture is where we want it, we will start hanging these up on the wall.

Kate Middleton inspired Maternity Dress – Refashion

I found this dress almost two years ago at a thrift store.  I was looking for a a really ugly dress like some of the other ones I had found to turn into a completely different style dress.   To be honest, when I bought this dress I didn’t want to change anything about it.  It was a few sizes larger than what I normally wore so I planned to take it home and just resize it to fit.

The first image shows the original dress before making any alterations.  The second image is when I first bought it and I had it pinned to fit my size.  I was never 100% happy with it and knew I wanted to do more before I would wear it.


Now that I’m 22 weeks pregnant and we are in the beginning of summer, I am quickly realizing that I will need at least a couple dresses to wear once it starts getting really humid outside.  After seeing this photo (on the right) on Pinterest while searching for maternity style, I thought of this dress again.

maternity dress


Even before considering making this a maternity dress, I thought it would be cute with more of a boat neck along with an empire waist… this gave me a reason to finally try it!

First I took out the shoulder pads and took off the two large pockets on the skirt.  Next I cut the sleeves off and made it into more of a boat neck shape with a V shape in the back.

ADSC_3810 copy

ADSC_3813 copy

After sewing these seams I tried on the dress again and used safety pins to pin where I wanted the waistline to sit.  I decided to have it sit slightly higher in the front so that my growing baby bump wouldn’t make the entire skirt flare out like a tent.

ADSC_3814 copy


Before sewing it, I folded the fabric over and used pins to mark exactly where I wanted to sew the seam.  Since I wasn’t taking an even amount off on the entire thing and since I was sewing next to elastic, I knew I didn’t want to cut the fabric yet because I would most likely need to seam rip this section and start over at least once…and I was right. 🙂  Before the second try, I added more pins and held the fabric as tight as possible while sewing and it worked much better.

ADSC_3816 copy

I took in the sides a little, finished the sleeves and then it was done!

I think it turned out cute and it will be fun to wear this summer.  It would also be fun to dress down with a jean jacket too.  Here are a few photos of the final dress…

ADSC_3821 copy

ADSC_3823 copy


Who knows, maybe next summer I will alter again to be a non-maternity dress. 🙂


Crib Quilt

After a lot of research on Pinterest, I finally found an idea for a quilt pattern that didn’t look like it would be too difficult for a beginning quilter.

Once we found out we were having a boy, I picked out these six fabrics for the quilt.  The top three were on sale at Joann Fabric (I bought 1/2 yard each) and the bottom three were from a thrift store (over 3 yards each).

Crib Quilt


The fabric was cut into 6 inch squares and laid out on the floor.  I decided not to do a repetitive pattern with the different fabrics.

Crib Quilt

I made the quilt 6 squares wide by 10 squares long so that it would be about the same size as the crib mattress.

Next I stitched all of the squares together.

Baby Boy Crib Quilt

Next I saftey-pinned the middle of each square to secure it to the batting and the backing before starting the quilting stitches.

ADSC_3797 copyHere is what the thread looked like when I had just 4 rows left to stitch… I had just barely enough to finish the second to last row before running out.

ADSC_3799 copy


After folding up/pinning/sewing the edges, here is the finished quilt…


ADSC_3806 copy


ADSC_3809 copy

Clergy Shirts

A friend of mine asked me to make some clergy shirts for her last year.

The first shirt is a New York & Company brand and was already her size.  Since we don’t live nearby each other, I used this shirt as a template to guess the sizing on the other two shirts I made for her.

Since it was already her size, all I had to do was adjust the collar.

Blue Checkered



She also wanted a sleeveless shirt and sent me a photo in the middle as an idea.  Instead of all solid shirts, we wanted something with a little bit of a pattern.  I found this shirt with a purple/white checkered pattern which worked perfectly.  It was a few sizes larger then what she wore which gave me more room to alter it.


I cut the sleeves off first and then I took in some fabric from each side and also added one seam down the middle of the back to give it some more shape.  I used the extra fabric from the sleeves to add two small pockets in the front that she liked in another picture she sent.  Then I finished off the collar.



10440642_10100939876357057_6248926991165385846_n 10418271_10100939876282207_9026541952927930360_n 10410350_10100939876302167_3042353244844049449_n


I made one other one with a solid blue short sleeve button up shirt as well.

10479177_10100939876277217_2307655047309035447_n 10486464_10100939876287197_6626663986321469486_n











I learned after this project that I am definitely more of a perfectionist when I am working on a project for someone else.  I did more seam ripping then I did sewing.  🙂


Camera Onesie – DIY

We are very excited to be welcoming a new baby into our home this November!  Ever since we first found out we were expecting, I have been brainstorming ideas on what to do for the pregnancy announcement photos.  I feel like since we are both infant photographers that the expectations are little higher for us. 🙂 Easter marks the 12 week point but since it doesn’t look like spring yet in Minnesota, we came up with a couple other ideas.
I’ve seen several camera onesies online but did not have the patience to wait 6 weeks for one to be made — especially because by that point I was 10 weeks along and we wanted to have a photo to share with our friends & family in just a couple weeks!
Originally planned on a white onesie with colored camera straps and a grey camera… but after we found this onesie on clearance at Target, the plans completely changed.
We thought it was cute that the suspenders looked a lot like the camera straps on our cameras which instantly added even more ideas to the plan.
As any good parent would tell you, it’s important to teach your little ones what’s right and what isn’t from the beginning.  This, of course, applies to camera brands in this family. 😉
After the most important detail was complete, I did a rough sketch to figure out the size and shape to cut the fabric for the camera. I made it so that the bottom of the camera covered the end of the suspenders hoping that it would not be covered up with the top of the pants.


Since I have never attached fabric to clothing before, I asked a friend for some tips.  She let me borrow some Heat n Bond which made it so easy!  I like how it made the fabric easy to cut into the shape I wanted, kept the fabric flat against the onesie AND made it so that this project required absolutely no pinning!


After both pieces were attached I decided to do the rest of the detailing with embroidery floss instead of adding more fabric for the flash.
Since we won’t find out for a few more months if we are expecting a boy or a girl, I made sure to pick a color that would be gender neutral.


I chose a bright green for the outlining and a light grey for the brand name and the flash.
Once it was finished I realized that my attempt for a gender neutral onesie turned out to look like it was made for a little boy.  If we find out in June that we are expecting a girl, I may need to add on a bow to the camera strap on the right side. 🙂


In the end, I’m happy with how it turned out. If I make another one in a larger size, I think I will use brighter colors on a white onesie like we originally planned. I like how the suspenders inspired the rest of this design on this one and I am looking forward to our little one being able to wear it!



Blue Floral Dress – Refashion

What this dress looked like when I first got it…
I liked the print and the buttons but that was about it.



The collar was the first thing that had to go.


The tricky part was making this dress still work as a tie-back dress since there wasn’t a zipper.


Took off the sleeves and took off some of the length.  It was looking better already!


Used some of the leftover fabric from the bottom to make a second set of tie-back straps as well as straps for the top of the dress.


I added a sweetheart neckline and I almost left it as a halter-top dress.

Without a dress form pinning the hem was tricky so I asked my husband to either wear the dress while I pinned it or to pin it while I wore it… he chose the second option. 🙂
Now it’s a whole new dress!


Navy Floral Dress – Refashion

My $1.49 find at Goodwill this morning.
I had to fight off a lot of people to get this dress! 😉


I wasn’t a fan of the neckline or the length and the weird band of pattern at the bottom was distracting…  but once you look at it closer, the pattern is actually pretty cute!
The bottom part of the dress was the first thing to go!  I always forget to leave extra room for the hem so I made sure to leave enough length so I could roll the hem over twice before sewing it.
Maybe I can use the bottom part of the skirt for a scarf?
I changed my mind about the neckline so many times.  Since I am terrible at sewing zippers I didn’t want it to be a style that would make me have to do any alterations to the back of the dress.
I ended up cutting a square neck and leaving the sides thicker so it’d be comfortable to wear with or without a cardigan.

Luckily the dress was already my size so other than the hem and the neckline I didn’t need to make any other alterations.