Oliver’s Kitchen: Melissa & Doug – Slice & Bake Christmas Cookie Play Set

We thought it would be fun to talk about a few of our favorite favorite sets for Oliver’s play kitchen.


This first set it by Melissa & Doug and I knew Oliver would love it since he loves to cut other pretend food in the kitchen. This is the Slice & Bake Christmas Cookie Play Set.

This set came with 12 cut-apart cookies, 12 frosting discs, a cardboard tube to store them in, a serving spatula, a knife, a cookie sheet and an oven mitt.


Cutting the cookies apart is definitely his favorite part!

These wooden cookies are very well made and the slices are the perfect size for little hands to hold and cut apart. They have been cut apart several times and the velcro does not show any wear.


Once he gets them cut apart, it’s time to start putting them on the tray.  This part he needs a little help with to make sure he gets the right side of the velcro on the tray.


Then it’s time to decorate!  There are so many cute Christmas prints on these cookies and they are all things that he recognizes.


“I found the Christmas Tree!”



This year, he insisted that every reindeer he was was a moose. 🙂


They wouldn’t be sugar cookies without sugar sprinkles!


And maybe some more sugar….! This was his favorite part when we made real cookies this year too.


And they are ready to bake!  We love these red Melissa & Doug oven mitts that come with their sets (I think we are up to 4 now) because they fit on our hands too when we play with him!  The green one was from my play kitchen when I was his age.

The only disappointment about this set is that the cookie sheet is just half an inch too long to fit in the oven. He doesn’t seem to mind and when he wants to put them in the oven he uses one of his smaller trays. 🙂


And they are ready to serve! This serving spatula is a fun way to get them off the cookie sheet.



And of course, you have to let them cool before eating them. 🙂



I am so glad he got this set and I would definitely recommend it to someone else!  It is currently one of Oliver’s favorites.


Other sets pictured in this post:


New Years Decorations

I came up for this idea for New Years after trying to think of decorations that didn’t involve party hats and champagne glasses.  I figured if it didn’t turn out I would just leave the Christmas decorations up until February. 🙂


I bought a few clocks at Goodwill and tried to get different shapes and sizes.  Then I set the clocks all to midnight and taped them off to get ready to paint.


I used two different spray paints to paint the clocks.  The first was the blue that we used on the picture frames in the living room.  On the bottom half of each clock I used this copper spray paint.


I put one clock on each shelf and on the larger three shelves I included a quote or scripture that I liked for the new year.

You can find this printable here. There are two variations and three sizes to choose from.


This square clock is my favorite out of the ones I found.  I painted it last since I was going to keep it as-is to use in my kitchen in the rest didn’t turn out. 🙂


I used the same shelves and frames that I used for our fall decorations and our Christmas decorations which I bought from Goodwill.

You can find these printables here and here.


How do you decorate for New Years?

Oliver’s Top 10 Thrifted Finds – for Winter!

As follow up from our fall post, here are our favorite Goodwill finds for winter.

Winter gear can add up, especially when you have to buy doubles of everything for daycare.  We made it our mission to find everything at Goodwill and started looking throughout the spring and summer months.  Luckily his hat and gloves still fit from last year so that just left the boots, snow pants and coat.


#10 – Dinosaur snow pants – We were so excited to find these in his size this last summer.  These are Target brand and they are so cute! I was excited about the price and Oliver was excited about the dinosaurs. 🙂


#9 – Boots!  The shoe section is pretty slim for  his age at the store we usually shop at so finding winter boots in his size was amazing.  We even found them on a day when we had a 50% off coupon from their Halloween sale.  He can run and jump (second photo) in them. 🙂


#8 – Winter Coat.  This is an Old Navy brand and we actually found it during the winter season last year.  We had a snowsuit for him but this was nice for the days when we didn’t need to dress him to play in the snow.  Last winter he wore size 18month and we bought this one a little big in a size 24months – he is wearing size 2T now but this coat ended up working out for part of last year an now this year!


#7 – Snowsuit!  I was SO excited when we found this!  I selfishly keep the cuter set of the winter gear for him to wear at home so he has something cute to wear in photos. 🙂  This Lands End snowsuit retails for over $60 online so we definitely got a good deal.  It is in mint condition and is sure to keep him warm while we are sledding and building snowmen this year!


#6 – Red Hoodie.  We found this on Toddler Thursday so it was 50% off AND it was the week before Halloween.  This was perfect timing to turn his tiger costume into Daniel the Tiger. 🙂


#5- Small Cooling Rack.  We spend so much time in the play kitchen that we always keep an eye out for things both in the toy aisle as well as for mini things in the kitchen section.  I thought this would be a fun thing for him to have during our Christmas baking.


#4 – Pots & Pans.  These we found in the toy aisle.  We had been admiring them on Amazon (they are Melissa and Doug brand) but did not need all of the pieces.  Fun to find a couple to add to the play kitchen.


#3 – Sweater.  We have been going through a new stage where he wants to wear a truck/car/train/plane shirt EVERY day.  He also loves the color orange.  When going through the toddler clothes on the rack he points to each orange shirt and this one was orange AND had the right subject matter. 🙂  It was not on sale that day but we had a 25% off coupon and it’s Gymboree brand so it was still a great deal for a quality sweater (which he asks to wear almost every day).

The toy on the floor is not one of our finds – he just insisted on having it on the floor next to him and was the only way he would stand there for the photo. 🙂


#2 – Pajamas.  I thought this pajama set was adorable when we found it.  As an added bonus, we found out the first night he wore them that the moon also glows in the dark!  He loves that it glows just like the moon on his wall.


#1 – Christmas Sweater.  Last but not least.. the Christmas sweater!  Another winter find that we bought during the summer but it was just too cute to pass up. Of course Oliver loves it because it has a truck on it. 🙂

Our winter shopping is complete and we found everything on our list!  Our weekly shopping dates at Goodwill will continue while we look for items to decorate the house.  We will also get ourselves through the long winter months by starting to shop for Spring & Summer!

Total Spent: $27.19



Toddler Room – Camping Theme

Oliver’s room was the first room we put together at the new house and now we have changed a few things to make it a toddler room.

You will recognize a lot of things from his woodland themed nursery.  We were excited to find a mistint gallon of paint in almost the same color when we moved to the new house. Here are a few photos of his nursery at the new house before we moved things:

And here is his room now (details and links posted below):


Photo frames: My First Year and Mommy + Daddy = Me


Lamp, lampshade, Marshmallows tin – All found at Goodwill and this small dresser was found at a local antique shop.



This crib-to-toddler-bed is made by Lolly & Me and can be found in a different color here.

This rug we found at a garage sale and it does not have a tag so I’m not sure what brand it is.


This polar bear pillow was another Goodwill find.


These adorable free printable (and more) can be found here.

These were printed out as a 5×7 and put in frames that we found at Goodwill to spray paint.


I found this at a garage sale several years ago and it works out perfect in a camping theme room!  I have been watching for J. Hostvet prints at Thrift stores since I found this but have only found a couple of things on eBay and Etsy.


This Moon in My Room was a hand-me-down from my younger brother.  It’s the perfect addition to the room, makes a great nightlight…AND has a remote (bonus!)


Of course we kept the camper in his room!  And he he still loves to sit in this car which we have kept as an indoor toy.

I have a couple designs in mind for two frames to hang above the camper but those are not close to being done and I couldn’t wait to share the rest.


This camper has so much space inside and is his favorite place to play!  We have this kitchen set up on one side and a beanbag and pillows on the other side for us to sit on while he’s playing.  We could probably do a whole post just on all of the sets we have found to go with the kitchen. 🙂


These are Christmas ornaments that we found at Target last year but they have similar ones this year.


It may not fit with the camping theme but I found this at Goodwill several years ago and his room seemed like a good place to hang it up.


One last photo of the full room.  🙂

2nd Birthday Party – Spotted Monkey Theme

We chose to make a party theme around Oliver’s favorite toy – the ‘Dazzle Dots’ monkey by Mary Meyer toys/Taggies.  It was fun to find different things to match the theme.


Here are a few of the details from the party…


The cups, plates, napkins and table cloth were all from Party City.  We bought brown napkins and four different color plates to match the colors of the spots his monkey has. The colors we used were Robin’s Egg Blue, Orange, Kiwi Green and Red. The red silverware was from the Dollar Tree.

Click the link to shop the collection of polka dotted party supplies here.



Oliver enjoyed helping us decorate this year. 🙂  Since the crepe paper we used from his first birthday were 3 of the same colors, we just used what we had left over.  These colors were found at Target for $2 each but they also have them at Party City.


For the cupcakes we put together a few ideas that I found online to make them look like a monkey.

All of the cake supplies were found at Target.

The Pillsbury Funfetti cake mix and frosting were perfect for our theme and the frosting already came with the color spots that we needed for the monkey.

We used Wilton Candy Eyeballs for the eyes – which we also used for his cupcakes last year.

The rest was made with an upside-down vanilla wafer and frosting for the face and Cheerios for the ears.


If you really want to get creative you can make them each have their own facial expression – I just did one. 🙂


What’s a monkey theme party without banana bread?  There are so many great recipes online.  This streusel one was delicious!


The original plan was to have a polka dotted pasta salad but I could not find tricolor wagon wheel pasta noodles.  It still had some spots with the olives and mini pepperonis.


To add to the spotted theme, grapes!


The balloons were all from Party City as well.


I was really excited to find these party hats on Amazon.  There are plates and napkins to match but I enjoyed putting together the ones that we used instead. The extra hats were given to his friends on the toy shelf. 🙂


For party bags we found these small gift bags on clearance at Target.  We filled them each with bubbles and a pair of socks.


I tried getting a photo of both of them but after a delayed nap time for Oliver, monkey was the only one that would sit for a photo. 🙂


Unwinding from a busy day with lots of family, cake and gifts!

Last but not least, if you want your own spotted monkey, you can buy one here. 🙂

Fall Decor – Part 2

I finally finished the gallery wall that I’ve been meaning to complete since last February!


When decorating for Christmas last year I realized that we had more decorations than we did shelf space at our new house.  I could always find these shelves at Goodwill so I decided to collect a few an make a gallery wall.


Since there are so many things hung on the other walls in the living room, I wanted to keep this one simple.

To see how we made the TV Wall Mount, check out the post here.


One thing I’m really excited about using these for are free seasonal printables.  There are always so many cute ones online so I decided to plan ahead and collect an assortment of 5×7 and 8×10 frames at Goodwill.  They are an inexpensive way to decorate for the new seasons without spending money!


These ceramic figurines were painted by my Mom several years ago.  At the same time I decided to start decorating more, she was rotating out some of her old decorations. 🙂

You can find this free printable here.


I love that these shelves have a ledge to them so I can lean plates and frames on them without putting extra holes in the wall.

I loved how simple this printable was.  The hardest part was deciding which background I wanted since it comes with four different options.  You can find them here.


This fox was purchased at the end of the Christmas season at Target.  I love that it’s in neutral tones and that it’s not breakable (which is a big deal when you have a toddler)! The table runner was handed down to me from my Grandma and this printable can be found here.


Our little guy is good about being careful when looking at the breakable decorations but for this other side I decided that anything in reach had to be stuff he could take down and play with.


These are from Fisher Price sets that I played with when I was younger. I love that my parents kept them and now I get to share them with my son.  The barn set seemed to be enough of a fall/harvest theme, don’t you think? 🙂

Originally I wanted to find a pumpkin to put in the back of the truck but we haven’t found one yet.  In the meantime, I thought these blocks were cute.


These nesting dolls were also from my mom’s decorations and ones that I remember playing with when I was younger.


Another 5×7 printable that I found here.  I love the message on it and the coloring.  Since I had mainly 8×10 frames, I put a white piece of paper behind it.  Saves time and money on matting it and it works perfectly for a decoration that will only be up for a few weeks.


This little owl we found at Michael’s a few years ago.  I wanted to mix in some of our everyday decorations with the seasonal decorations and this little guy seemed to work well to blend the two.


The last shelf has another ceramic piece that my mom painted and one that I remember at my parents house growing up.  Fun to use in our decorations and mix in with something new — this fall sign from Michael’s.


This little pillow is something I’ve had for several years and is the perfect size for our little guy’s chair — he has to decorate too. 🙂

I am already looking forward to using these shelves for Christmas and then next year to decorate for some other holidays like Valentine’s day, Saint Patrick’s day and Easter!

To see how I put together a fall centerpiece, click here for Part 1.