Oliver’s Kitchen: PZAS Toys – 38 PC. Wooden Play Food, with 3 Mixing Bowls

We love this salad set for the play kitchen. It is very well made and I would definitely buy other play food sets from them.


I liked this set over the other salad set because all of the pieces are wood instead of some being felt.  It also added some healthier pretend meal options to Oliver’s kitchen. 🙂


The set comes with everything you need to make a salad.  A large bowl to toss the salad in, two smaller bowls to serve it in, a salt shaker, olive oil and lemon juice.


Oliver loves to toss the salad.



Oliver likes to make goggles out of the peppers. 🙂


He gets a little frustrated when trying to serve the salad with the fork and spoon so he uses his hands instead.


Lemon juice…


And some Parmesan Cheese out from the Hape Pasta Set.


And after all that hard work, it was time to relax. 😀web-2727


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