Oliver’s Kitchen: Melissa & Doug -Wooden Steep & Serve Tea Set

This is an adorable wooden tea set and is one of our favorite things in the kitchen.  Since he likes to make coffee, I knew he would enjoy this too. 🙂

This set comes with everything pictured below.


You can purchase it here.


The set comes with this adorable tea box and six different kinds of tea.  Each spot is labeled and color coated and so is the clear lid on the top.


Oliver loves to sort them by color.


The box it came with is well made (and it is more adorable in person) but we actually picked out this set for him hoping the tea would fit in this adorable thrifted find…


We found this tiny tea tin at our local Goodwill store and knew we had to have it.  I thought it would be cute of the kitchen and Oliver was just excited that it was a bus. 🙂


The six bags of tea fit perfectly.


The set comes with this red plate and two cookies.  We also like to use a couple things from other sets like this honey (from the Hape Pop-Up Toaster) and this lemon (from the Hape Fresh Fruit set).


Pouring the water…


Picking out the tea…


Adding some lemon…


We also use the pitcher to make iced tea lemonade like we do in the real kitchen. 🙂web_tea-2610

And of course, sugar.






One thought on “Oliver’s Kitchen: Melissa & Doug -Wooden Steep & Serve Tea Set

  1. Aww this is really sweet. I bought a wooden toy kitchen for Christmas for both children (mainly for youngest) and this is the kind of thing missing from their kitchen, thank you for sharing 😊

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