Oliver’s Kitchen: Fisher Price – Wooden Toys Early Bird Barista Set

Our second post from the play kitchen!  Oliver has been enjoying picking out which sets to play with.  We take a few photos and then we have lots of playtime after. 🙂

web-2196This set was the first thing we bought for the play kitchen… before we even had the kitchen!

It was originally available at Target and ours was out of stock a couple times before we could get it – but I’m so glad we got one!  You can now buy them here.


This coffee tin was found at our local Goodwill store and is the perfect size for the kitchen.  Oliver likes that he can pretend to scoop coffee just like he sees us do!


The measuring spoons made a great stocking stuffer this last Christmas and can be found at Hobby Lobby.


We really liked that this set was a french press since that’s what he sees us use.


We usually look for wood toys for the play kitchen as they seem to hold up the best.  Each piece in this set is a mix of wood and plastic and they are very well made.


He loves to add cream and sugar and always asks “more? Enough?”


What are some of your favorite coffee sets for play kitchens?


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