Oliver’s Kitchen: Melissa & Doug – Slice & Bake Christmas Cookie Play Set

We thought it would be fun to talk about a few of our favorite favorite sets for Oliver’s play kitchen.


This first set it by Melissa & Doug and I knew Oliver would love it since he loves to cut other pretend food in the kitchen. This is the Slice & Bake Christmas Cookie Play Set.

This set came with 12 cut-apart cookies, 12 frosting discs, a cardboard tube to store them in, a serving spatula, a knife, a cookie sheet and an oven mitt.


Cutting the cookies apart is definitely his favorite part!

These wooden cookies are very well made and the slices are the perfect size for little hands to hold and cut apart. They have been cut apart several times and the velcro does not show any wear.


Once he gets them cut apart, it’s time to start putting them on the tray.  This part he needs a little help with to make sure he gets the right side of the velcro on the tray.


Then it’s time to decorate!  There are so many cute Christmas prints on these cookies and they are all things that he recognizes.


“I found the Christmas Tree!”



This year, he insisted that every reindeer he was was a moose. 🙂


They wouldn’t be sugar cookies without sugar sprinkles!


And maybe some more sugar….! This was his favorite part when we made real cookies this year too.


And they are ready to bake!  We love these red Melissa & Doug oven mitts that come with their sets (I think we are up to 4 now) because they fit on our hands too when we play with him!  The green one was from my play kitchen when I was his age.

The only disappointment about this set is that the cookie sheet is just half an inch too long to fit in the oven. He doesn’t seem to mind and when he wants to put them in the oven he uses one of his smaller trays. 🙂


And they are ready to serve! This serving spatula is a fun way to get them off the cookie sheet.



And of course, you have to let them cool before eating them. 🙂



I am so glad he got this set and I would definitely recommend it to someone else!  It is currently one of Oliver’s favorites.


Other sets pictured in this post:


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