New Years Decorations

I came up for this idea for New Years after trying to think of decorations that didn’t involve party hats and champagne glasses.  I figured if it didn’t turn out I would just leave the Christmas decorations up until February. 🙂


I bought a few clocks at Goodwill and tried to get different shapes and sizes.  Then I set the clocks all to midnight and taped them off to get ready to paint.


I used two different spray paints to paint the clocks.  The first was the blue that we used on the picture frames in the living room.  On the bottom half of each clock I used this copper spray paint.


I put one clock on each shelf and on the larger three shelves I included a quote or scripture that I liked for the new year.

You can find this printable here. There are two variations and three sizes to choose from.


This square clock is my favorite out of the ones I found.  I painted it last since I was going to keep it as-is to use in my kitchen in the rest didn’t turn out. 🙂


I used the same shelves and frames that I used for our fall decorations and our Christmas decorations which I bought from Goodwill.

You can find these printables here and here.


How do you decorate for New Years?


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