Oliver’s Top 10 Thrifted Finds – for Winter!

As follow up from our fall post, here are our favorite Goodwill finds for winter.

Winter gear can add up, especially when you have to buy doubles of everything for daycare.  We made it our mission to find everything at Goodwill and started looking throughout the spring and summer months.  Luckily his hat and gloves still fit from last year so that just left the boots, snow pants and coat.


#10 – Dinosaur snow pants – We were so excited to find these in his size this last summer.  These are Target brand and they are so cute! I was excited about the price and Oliver was excited about the dinosaurs. 🙂


#9 – Boots!  The shoe section is pretty slim for  his age at the store we usually shop at so finding winter boots in his size was amazing.  We even found them on a day when we had a 50% off coupon from their Halloween sale.  He can run and jump (second photo) in them. 🙂


#8 – Winter Coat.  This is an Old Navy brand and we actually found it during the winter season last year.  We had a snowsuit for him but this was nice for the days when we didn’t need to dress him to play in the snow.  Last winter he wore size 18month and we bought this one a little big in a size 24months – he is wearing size 2T now but this coat ended up working out for part of last year an now this year!


#7 – Snowsuit!  I was SO excited when we found this!  I selfishly keep the cuter set of the winter gear for him to wear at home so he has something cute to wear in photos. 🙂  This Lands End snowsuit retails for over $60 online so we definitely got a good deal.  It is in mint condition and is sure to keep him warm while we are sledding and building snowmen this year!


#6 – Red Hoodie.  We found this on Toddler Thursday so it was 50% off AND it was the week before Halloween.  This was perfect timing to turn his tiger costume into Daniel the Tiger. 🙂


#5- Small Cooling Rack.  We spend so much time in the play kitchen that we always keep an eye out for things both in the toy aisle as well as for mini things in the kitchen section.  I thought this would be a fun thing for him to have during our Christmas baking.


#4 – Pots & Pans.  These we found in the toy aisle.  We had been admiring them on Amazon (they are Melissa and Doug brand) but did not need all of the pieces.  Fun to find a couple to add to the play kitchen.


#3 – Sweater.  We have been going through a new stage where he wants to wear a truck/car/train/plane shirt EVERY day.  He also loves the color orange.  When going through the toddler clothes on the rack he points to each orange shirt and this one was orange AND had the right subject matter. 🙂  It was not on sale that day but we had a 25% off coupon and it’s Gymboree brand so it was still a great deal for a quality sweater (which he asks to wear almost every day).

The toy on the floor is not one of our finds – he just insisted on having it on the floor next to him and was the only way he would stand there for the photo. 🙂


#2 – Pajamas.  I thought this pajama set was adorable when we found it.  As an added bonus, we found out the first night he wore them that the moon also glows in the dark!  He loves that it glows just like the moon on his wall.


#1 – Christmas Sweater.  Last but not least.. the Christmas sweater!  Another winter find that we bought during the summer but it was just too cute to pass up. Of course Oliver loves it because it has a truck on it. 🙂

Our winter shopping is complete and we found everything on our list!  Our weekly shopping dates at Goodwill will continue while we look for items to decorate the house.  We will also get ourselves through the long winter months by starting to shop for Spring & Summer!

Total Spent: $27.19




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