Christmas Decorations

I was especially excited to decorate for Christmas this year since last year at this time was when I first had the idea of putting these shelves on the wall for seasonal decorations and collecting the shelves.

I finally put them up in time for Fall and you can see more in the post: Fall Decor – Part 2

I decided to use the three shelves to the right to display our Nativity.  On top of the toy shelf I lined up some seasonal friends for Oliver to play with and I also hung up a felt advent tree that my great-aunt made.  Since Oliver is two this year I love having all of the decorations in reach something that he can play with – especially when they are on his toy shelf.  🙂


The nativity set is by Willow Tree and can be purchased here.  I have four sets from this group and have set it up a little different every year.

This free printable I found is one of my favorites and comes in four different color options which you can find and download here.


One of my favorite things about these shelves is that they make it easy to display decorative plates.   This plate was one that my mom had in her collection and I have used it as a dessert plate in the past.

I love this Rudolph figurine which Shawn got me for our first Christmas together.  This was made by Jim Shore and you can find a similar one here.


This acrylic sleigh is another thing that my mom gave me from her collection of Christmas decorations.  I love how it catches the light.  I have used it as a candy dish in the past but this year I decided to fill it with these mini ornaments that I found at Michaels.

The snow globe is from Caribou Coffee and was a gift last year.

This printable was perfect addition to this shelf and you can find and download it for free here.


This ceramic house is from my Nana’s Christmas decorations and was hand painted for her by my Mom before I was born.  It is fun to have in my collection now. 🙂

This JOY sign is from Hallmark last year but you can find a similar one at Target here.

I found these two deer at Goodwill last year and loved them.  It was after Christmas and my decorations were already put away but I was sure I could find a place for them this year!


The record player is one of my favorite year-round decorations and it even works!  I fell in love with it at a thrift store a few years ago and my in-laws surprised me and delivered it to our door. 🙂


On one end table I set up this adorable vintage looking sign from Hobby Lobby along with an ornament from my Mom.  Since Oliver likes Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood right now, he was excited to see Santa on a Trolley.


On the other end table I included another piece I got from Hobby Lobby on clearance a few years ago (Oliver calls it a horse) and this wood nativity from my Mom’s collection (which makes for a fun puzzle for Oliver).


Merry Christmas! 🙂


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