Toddler Room – Camping Theme

Oliver’s room was the first room we put together at the new house and now we have changed a few things to make it a toddler room.

You will recognize a lot of things from his woodland themed nursery.  We were excited to find a mistint gallon of paint in almost the same color when we moved to the new house. Here are a few photos of his nursery at the new house before we moved things:

And here is his room now (details and links posted below):


Photo frames: My First Year and Mommy + Daddy = Me


Lamp, lampshade, Marshmallows tin – All found at Goodwill and this small dresser was found at a local antique shop.



This crib-to-toddler-bed is made by Lolly & Me and can be found in a different color here.

This rug we found at a garage sale and it does not have a tag so I’m not sure what brand it is.


This polar bear pillow was another Goodwill find.


These adorable free printable (and more) can be found here.

These were printed out as a 5×7 and put in frames that we found at Goodwill to spray paint.


I found this at a garage sale several years ago and it works out perfect in a camping theme room!  I have been watching for J. Hostvet prints at Thrift stores since I found this but have only found a couple of things on eBay and Etsy.


This Moon in My Room was a hand-me-down from my younger brother.  It’s the perfect addition to the room, makes a great nightlight…AND has a remote (bonus!)


Of course we kept the camper in his room!  And he he still loves to sit in this car which we have kept as an indoor toy.

I have a couple designs in mind for two frames to hang above the camper but those are not close to being done and I couldn’t wait to share the rest.


This camper has so much space inside and is his favorite place to play!  We have this kitchen set up on one side and a beanbag and pillows on the other side for us to sit on while he’s playing.  We could probably do a whole post just on all of the sets we have found to go with the kitchen. 🙂


These are Christmas ornaments that we found at Target last year but they have similar ones this year.


It may not fit with the camping theme but I found this at Goodwill several years ago and his room seemed like a good place to hang it up.


One last photo of the full room.  🙂


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