2nd Birthday Party – Spotted Monkey Theme

We chose to make a party theme around Oliver’s favorite toy – the ‘Dazzle Dots’ monkey by Mary Meyer toys/Taggies.  It was fun to find different things to match the theme.


Here are a few of the details from the party…


The cups, plates, napkins and table cloth were all from Party City.  We bought brown napkins and four different color plates to match the colors of the spots his monkey has. The colors we used were Robin’s Egg Blue, Orange, Kiwi Green and Red. The red silverware was from the Dollar Tree.

Click the link to shop the collection of polka dotted party supplies here.



Oliver enjoyed helping us decorate this year. 🙂  Since the crepe paper we used from his first birthday were 3 of the same colors, we just used what we had left over.  These colors were found at Target for $2 each but they also have them at Party City.


For the cupcakes we put together a few ideas that I found online to make them look like a monkey.

All of the cake supplies were found at Target.

The Pillsbury Funfetti cake mix and frosting were perfect for our theme and the frosting already came with the color spots that we needed for the monkey.

We used Wilton Candy Eyeballs for the eyes – which we also used for his cupcakes last year.

The rest was made with an upside-down vanilla wafer and frosting for the face and Cheerios for the ears.


If you really want to get creative you can make them each have their own facial expression – I just did one. 🙂


What’s a monkey theme party without banana bread?  There are so many great recipes online.  This streusel one was delicious!


The original plan was to have a polka dotted pasta salad but I could not find tricolor wagon wheel pasta noodles.  It still had some spots with the olives and mini pepperonis.


To add to the spotted theme, grapes!


The balloons were all from Party City as well.


I was really excited to find these party hats on Amazon.  There are plates and napkins to match but I enjoyed putting together the ones that we used instead. The extra hats were given to his friends on the toy shelf. 🙂


For party bags we found these small gift bags on clearance at Target.  We filled them each with bubbles and a pair of socks.


I tried getting a photo of both of them but after a delayed nap time for Oliver, monkey was the only one that would sit for a photo. 🙂


Unwinding from a busy day with lots of family, cake and gifts!

Last but not least, if you want your own spotted monkey, you can buy one here. 🙂


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