Fall Decor – Part 2

I finally finished the gallery wall that I’ve been meaning to complete since last February!


When decorating for Christmas last year I realized that we had more decorations than we did shelf space at our new house.  I could always find these shelves at Goodwill so I decided to collect a few an make a gallery wall.


Since there are so many things hung on the other walls in the living room, I wanted to keep this one simple.

To see how we made the TV Wall Mount, check out the post here.


One thing I’m really excited about using these for are free seasonal printables.  There are always so many cute ones online so I decided to plan ahead and collect an assortment of 5×7 and 8×10 frames at Goodwill.  They are an inexpensive way to decorate for the new seasons without spending money!


These ceramic figurines were painted by my Mom several years ago.  At the same time I decided to start decorating more, she was rotating out some of her old decorations. 🙂

You can find this free printable here.


I love that these shelves have a ledge to them so I can lean plates and frames on them without putting extra holes in the wall.

I loved how simple this printable was.  The hardest part was deciding which background I wanted since it comes with four different options.  You can find them here.


This fox was purchased at the end of the Christmas season at Target.  I love that it’s in neutral tones and that it’s not breakable (which is a big deal when you have a toddler)! The table runner was handed down to me from my Grandma and this printable can be found here.


Our little guy is good about being careful when looking at the breakable decorations but for this other side I decided that anything in reach had to be stuff he could take down and play with.


These are from Fisher Price sets that I played with when I was younger. I love that my parents kept them and now I get to share them with my son.  The barn set seemed to be enough of a fall/harvest theme, don’t you think? 🙂

Originally I wanted to find a pumpkin to put in the back of the truck but we haven’t found one yet.  In the meantime, I thought these blocks were cute.


These nesting dolls were also from my mom’s decorations and ones that I remember playing with when I was younger.


Another 5×7 printable that I found here.  I love the message on it and the coloring.  Since I had mainly 8×10 frames, I put a white piece of paper behind it.  Saves time and money on matting it and it works perfectly for a decoration that will only be up for a few weeks.


This little owl we found at Michael’s a few years ago.  I wanted to mix in some of our everyday decorations with the seasonal decorations and this little guy seemed to work well to blend the two.


The last shelf has another ceramic piece that my mom painted and one that I remember at my parents house growing up.  Fun to use in our decorations and mix in with something new — this fall sign from Michael’s.


This little pillow is something I’ve had for several years and is the perfect size for our little guy’s chair — he has to decorate too. 🙂

I am already looking forward to using these shelves for Christmas and then next year to decorate for some other holidays like Valentine’s day, Saint Patrick’s day and Easter!

To see how I put together a fall centerpiece, click here for Part 1.


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