DIY – Mother-Daughter Aprons

When shopping on a budget, sometimes you have to be creative. Home Goods is always one of my go to places to find great deals on new items.

I was able to buy an apron, a set of kitchen towels and a large Yankee candle for $25 for my sister-in-law’s birthday.

I used the handtowels to make a small matching apron for my niece.  Here are a few photos to show how I made it.



I am not a seamstress and I don’t have the patience for patterns so I love to start with something that’s already made and make it into something new.

I used as much as I could from the finished edges on the towel.

I looked at the shape of the apron I bought to make the initial outline and used my son as a reference for the length since him and his cousin are close to the same size.

I cut the same shape for the apron out of the blue towel and cut the long edges on both towels to use for the ties.


I cut out rectangles from the floral print towel to use for the pockets.

Using the already finished edge for the top of the pocket, I tucked under about half and inch on the other three sides before pinning them and stitching them on the apron.  Once the pocket was attached, I added on line of stitching to the middle so she would have two pockets.


For the ruffles I cut two curved pieces from the short side using the finished edge from the blue towel.


I finished off the wider edge since that would be the edge at the top which would be seen.


I added pleats as I pinned it to the foral side of the apron having the finished sides of the fabric together.


I stiched these two together so I could make sure the pleats looked right before attaching the back of the apron.


On the back of the apron (the blue side) I added a pocket to the top using one of the smaller squares that I cut out of the floral towel.

The tie straps were pinned on before putting the font and back pieces of the apron together.  I pinned these facing each other and then sewed the top and sides together.



The apron was then turned right-side-out and the bottle hem was completed.




I love how it turned out so much that I made one (without ruffles) for my son using some fabric I already had.


It was a fun project and I’m sure there will be more little aprons in my future for these two! 🙂



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