DIY – Onesie Extender

As Oliver is starting to move into the 3-6 month size, I’ve noticed that brands can run very differently in size.  A majority of his clothes are Carter’s brand and these seem to fit him the longest.  He is currently wearing some of his 0-3 month Carter’s onesies while his Gymboree & Baby Gap 3-6 month onesies are getting too short.

I have a couple outfits in those brands that I really like so I was sad to see that the onesie was too short on him once the matching jackets and pants finally fit.  I found some onesie extenders online but I did not want to pay $15 for three of them.  I could have gone out and bought fabric and snaps and measured to make sure they lined up with the onesies I needed them for but that sounded more time consuming than it needed to be.

I found out that there are three different size and pattens for the snaps between the different brands.  I went through his short sleeve onesies that he didn’t wear very often and found this Gerber brand one.  This one came in a multipack and I love all of the other ones but this one didn’t go with anything else that he had so I was okay with cutting it apart.

ADSC_3266 copy

I started by cutting the snaps off.  I kept them together on the strip of fabric so I wouldn’t have to re-measure them later.

ADSC_3267 copy

Next I cut straight across the bottom of the onesie through both the front and the back layers.

ADSC_3268 copy

I straightened out the edges and kept the width slightly longer than the length of the fabric with the snaps.

ADSC_3269 copy

Facing the patterned sides together, I used a sewing machine to stitch around three of the sides.  Next, I flipped the fabric right-side-out and sewed the third side.
ADSC_3325 copy

Instead of using the sewing machine to attach the snaps, I stitched them on with embroidery thread by hand.

ADSC_3328 copy

Using the embroidery thread, I sewed around the outer three sides to attach it.  I made sure the finished side was on the inside and used the embroidery thread to hide the unfinished edges on the outside as well as protect it from fraying.

ADSC_3329 copy

I did the same thing for the other side.  Here is the finished product:

ADSC_3330 copy

I tried it out on a couple on his outfits and it works well!  I’m so glad he will get to wear these outfits a little longer now. 🙂ADSC_3334 copy


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