Oliver’s First Photo Album

I made it a goal to start printing out Oliver’s photos and putting them in an album within the first month after he was born.  I am hoping that starting to get in this habit early will help me stay caught up on it later. 🙂

I love looking through the Creative Memory style scrapbooks that other people make but I knew it would not be realistic for me to keep one of those up.  My original idea was to do his album like I did for our wedding album and have each page be a sheet of scrapbook paper with photo corners holding each of the photos.  Since we are both photographers, we knew there would not be a shortage of photos.  After the first month I narrowed down his photos to 200 and then again to 100 before printing them.  It was not realistic for me to be buying and using photo corners for all of these pictures.

I found this album at Michaels during a week that their albums were all 50% off.

ADSC_1974 copy

I liked this one because it had the three ring binder on the inside so it holds more photos than a traditional album and made it easy to add and remove pages later.

ADSC_1975 copy

The pages I used are a mix of ones that hold (6) 4×6 photos on each side as well as the full 12×12 pocket page.  I figured the 4×6 photos would be a majority of what I would be printing and I would use the 12×12 pocket pages with scrapbook paper and photo corners for the photos from his formal infant photo sessions.  These pages are sold at Michaels, but since they were not on sale, I found a better deal on Amazon and purchased them there. 

ADSC_1976 copy

The scrapbook paper was left over from when I made our wedding album.  We found a good deal on this pad of paper from Stella & Rose (Pattern: My Mind’s Eye) on clearance at Joann Fabrics.  Michaels also has a good selection of pads of paper as well.  The one we purchased has 180 sheets and we have used it for our wedding album, in picture frames and to wrap small gifts.

ADSC_1978 copy

I’m looking forward to adding to this album in the months to come!


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