Goodwill Finds – June 2014


We found so many great finds while thrift shopping this last month!


The first piece is over 4 yards of fabric we bought for only $1.99. This will most likely be used in some of the quilt squares for the crib quilt I’m making.




On our next trip to Goodwill we found this vintage crib skirt in an adorable fabric.  This purchase was made at the beginning of the month before we knew if our little one was a boy or a girl so I figured the yellow was a safe choice.  It also took one more thing off my list to sew! 🙂  We paid $2.99 for this which is less then I would have paid in the fabric to make one! Click here to see how it looks in the Nursery.

photo 1-4


In that same shopping trip we found some brand new onesies from Target.  We had looked at a few places to price these out (Target, Kohls, JCPenney’s, Walmart) because we wanted them for a project we were doing at our gender reveal party with our family.  Everywhere we went, these came out to be just over $2.00 each in the multipacks.  We ended up paying $0.99 each for these five and were able to find a variety of sizes and even a long sleeve one too!

photo 2-5


From my first Goodwill Shopping trip on ‘Toddler Thursday’ — I bought everything pictured below for a total of $4.97.  I am hoping to find more sleepers in future weeks since that’s what he will be wearing most of the time the first few months.  Of course, two baby cardigans had to make it into his wardrobe. 🙂




Well this wasn’t a purchase we made while thrift shopping, but it was a car we saw in the parking lot.   I wish we could have bought it but Shawn didn’t want to stick around to let me make an offer to the owner. 🙂  I’ve been telling him for years that this is the exact car that I want to own and what are the chances that there is not only one around but the person who owns it was shopping at the same place the same time we were!  Clearly, it was meant to be. 😉







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