Oliver’s Guide to… keeping Mom & Dad awake all night

Hi Everyone, Oliver here.  I am now seven weeks old.

People keep telling me that seven must be my lucky number since I was born at 7:00pm weighing 7lbs 7oz.  Keeping with the pattern of 7’s, I wanted to share seven of my favorite ways to keep my parents awake at night:

ADSC_1179 copy

1. Take Power Naps During Your Bottle: It’s common for Mom and Dad to give you an extra ounce to eat before bed so you will sleep longer.  Whatever you do, do not drink the full bottle. It is so much harder to stay awake with a full tummy.  Taking a short power nap after each ounce will not only buy you more time, but also help you catch up on sleep so you can stay awake longer.  By the time you finish one bottle, it will almost be time for another one!  This one can buy you at least a couple hours. 

2. Timing: It’s understandable that you will have to fall asleep at some point but it is all about timing.  Only fall asleep within 30 minutes before your next bottle is due.  This is your time to completely relax and let yourself fall asleep.  Don’t worry about sleeping for too long, your tummy will wake you back up soon.  After your next bottle, you will want to repeat this and keep Mom or Dad awake for another 2-3 hours so it is very important that you get your rest when you can.

3. Fill Your Diaper: The process of filling your diaper helps you stay awake.  Make as much noise as possible during this time to be sure Mom and Dad hear what you are doing (it will also keep them awake).  When you get to the changing table to be changed, they will have to turn the light on.  Be sure to stare at the light, it will help you wake yourself up even more.

4. Get the Hiccups: For me this usually happens after I fill my diaper so it is a great one to use in the same night that you try that one.  It works best if you also try this one on nights when you do not burp after your last bottle. Mom knows that I always spit up if I don’t burp and I get the hiccups after drinking a bottle.  Mom will be so worried about you possibly spitting up while you are laying on your back that she will jump out of bed and hold you until they go away.  Hiccups can last for a while so just wait them out.  They may not be the most comfortable but they are what is buying you extra snuggle time before bed.

5. Smile:  It seems so simple but parents go crazy over this when you are my age.  I guess I don’t do it very often yet.  When I look at them as they are rocking me to sleep, all I have to do is lift the corners of my mouth slightly while making eye contact and it instantly buys me an extra 10-30 minutes of awake time.  Mom and Dad will forget that they were trying to make you fall asleep and their new mission will be to make you smile.  Be sure to space them out a little to drag out this time as long as possible.  If you give them a second smile one of them will probably go grab the camera and they will both wait for you to do it again.

6. Refuse The Pacifier:  This is a trap.  I’m not sure exactly how it works, but I fall asleep so much easier when I have this in my mouth.  Mom and Dad must know this because they always seem to give it to me when they are trying to get me to fall asleep.

7. Breathe Quietly:  Mom is always listening to me as she falls asleep and nothing makes her jump out of bed faster than if I suddenly decide to start breathing quieter.  You can use this trick a couple times each night.  The trick is to wait until you see Mom turn off the lamp and hear her get back in bed. I recommend using this one no more than a couple times each night so she doesn’t catch on. 


Good luck! 🙂









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