Oliver’s Top Five – Newborn to 6 Weeks

Before Oliver was born it was a complete guessing game when we put together the baby registry.  The swaddle wrap and pacifier that he chose ended up being the ones they used at the hospital with him and we also tried a couple different bottles before we found the best one.  Several of the toys we knew he wouldn’t play with until he was older but a couple were nice to have in the first few weeks.  Clearly these are all things he wanted to pick out on his own when he got here. 🙂


This will now be Oliver’s contribution to the family blog and I will update them as he gets older and has new favorites. 🙂

Oliver’s Top Five so far (complete with Amazon links):

1. HALO SleepSack Micro-Fleece Swaddle: The nurses kept him in this during out hospital stay but I don’t think we really appreciated it until we got home.  It is so convenient for nighttime feedings and diaper changes for the first few weeks when they like to stay swaddled.  With the zipper starting at the bottom you can keep them wrapped up while you check or change their diaper which helped him fall back asleep.  We used this so often that we had to go to Target to buy him another one so we weren’t doing laundry so much. He slept in these for the first four weeks before he no longer liked to be swaddled and we switched him to fleece sleepers.ADSC_0051

2. WubbaNubHe really liked the Soothie pacifier that they gave him in the hospital so it was great when a friend gave him one of these.  At first I thought it was just a cute toy that was functional, but now I don’t know what we’d do without it.  Not only are they super cute but they help keep the pacifier from falling when he pushes it out of his mouth.  It’s especially nice when he is in the car seat and can now put it back in his mouth on his own since it keeps it right up by his mouth.  When he’s fighting going to sleep he now snuggles when we wrap him in his blanket.  At 5 and 6 weeks he has started holding the giraffe’s hand too. 🙂

ADSC_9758 copy

3. Playtex Bottle with drop-in liners: We started using these with him when he was almost 4 weeks old after we noticed he was uncomfortable and had a lot of discomfort from gas bubbles.  Since using these we have noticed that he does not spit up and no longer is fussy when working on a diaper.  They have definitely made a big difference.  There is also a Target brand liner that works in these bottles which saves a little money.

4. Fisher Price Singing Star Gym: He first started showing interest in this when he was almost 4 weeks old.  We have an older version of this toy that’s in the link but it does the same thing.  He likes watching the mirror reflection on the stars when he hits them but he can’t hit them hard enough yet to make the music start on his own.  When the music is playing he loves to follow the lights on the keys with his eyes.  It’s neat that he can grow into this toy as a keyboard to stand at when he’s a toddler.

ADSC_0187 copy

5. Fisher Price Cuddle Soother Elephant: This originally helped him relax when he had gas bubbles but now it also helps him fall asleep.


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