Nursery Wall Art – DIY

I started collecting wall art for the nursery well before we were even expecting a baby and now we finally get to see it all come together!

I wanted to make a gallery wall over the dresser/changing table which is the opposite wall from the crib.  The rocking horse used to be in my older brother’s nursery and the two frames are from Goodwill and I got them for $1.50 each.

ADSC_3867 copy

A couple years ago I started finding the same picture frame at three different thrift stores and a then at a garage sale.  I went back to buy them from each place and was able to get all but one of the thrift stores.  I thought it would be neat to make a gallery wall of just these frames and it was also fun that they were different sizes.  I have kept my eye out for them but have had no luck since then so I decided to mix them in with a collage of other things.  In these frames I used a mix of scrapbook paper to add more color since I decided not to paint the actual frames.

The top left artwork I found at a garage sale a couple summers ago for $0.50 and the artwork on the bottom right was from Goodwill that I got for $0.49.  I originally had the lemonade stand plaque hanging in our hallway but replaced it with a floral piece after we found out we were having a boy so that I could use this one in the nursery.

The two plain wood frames were then spray painted green and I framed left over fabric from the quilt to the 8×10 frame.

ADSC_3870 copy


I decided to use the rocking horse on the opposite wall over the crib along with these letters.

The letters ‘A’ and ‘Y’ were both purchased from Goodwill.  These are another thing that kept showing up for a while and then I stopped seeing them once I started to collect them. 🙂  I originally decided to collect letters from thrift stores every time I found a letter I needed to spell out FAMILY.  I was going to paint them all the same color and hang them in our living room.  Once I saw how hard it was going to be to find all of the letters I decided to use them to spell out BABY instead.

The letter ‘A’ is from Pottery Barn and is one of their Mini Harper Painted Letters that is originally $29 each and the letter ‘Y’ is also originally from Pottery Barn and is one of their White Capital Letters for $10 each.  Both of these I found at a thrift store for a dollar each.  I thought about ordering two letter ‘B’s from their website in green so that they would be in the same font but then I decided spending almost $60 on two letters would undo all of the savings on the other two. 🙂

We ended up going to Michael’s to get the letter ‘B’ and found one that was between the two different size letters that we already have so it worked out perfectly.  These letters are originally $3.99 each and then we had a coupon for 40% off our entire purchase.

ADSC_3866 copy


I liked how the ‘A’ and the ‘Y’ were two different colors and knew I wanted the ‘B’s to both be the same color.  I used the same green color from the frames to paint these.

Along with the letters and the rocking horse (also spray painted green), I decided to make a small banner using the left over fabric from the crib quilt.

ADSC_3871 copy


Once we have the crib and make sure that all of the furniture is where we want it, we will start hanging these up on the wall.


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