Kate Middleton inspired Maternity Dress – Refashion

I found this dress almost two years ago at a thrift store.  I was looking for a a really ugly dress like some of the other ones I had found to turn into a completely different style dress.   To be honest, when I bought this dress I didn’t want to change anything about it.  It was a few sizes larger than what I normally wore so I planned to take it home and just resize it to fit.

The first image shows the original dress before making any alterations.  The second image is when I first bought it and I had it pinned to fit my size.  I was never 100% happy with it and knew I wanted to do more before I would wear it.


Now that I’m 22 weeks pregnant and we are in the beginning of summer, I am quickly realizing that I will need at least a couple dresses to wear once it starts getting really humid outside.  After seeing this photo (on the right) on Pinterest while searching for maternity style, I thought of this dress again.

maternity dress


Even before considering making this a maternity dress, I thought it would be cute with more of a boat neck along with an empire waist… this gave me a reason to finally try it!

First I took out the shoulder pads and took off the two large pockets on the skirt.  Next I cut the sleeves off and made it into more of a boat neck shape with a V shape in the back.

ADSC_3810 copy

ADSC_3813 copy

After sewing these seams I tried on the dress again and used safety pins to pin where I wanted the waistline to sit.  I decided to have it sit slightly higher in the front so that my growing baby bump wouldn’t make the entire skirt flare out like a tent.

ADSC_3814 copy


Before sewing it, I folded the fabric over and used pins to mark exactly where I wanted to sew the seam.  Since I wasn’t taking an even amount off on the entire thing and since I was sewing next to elastic, I knew I didn’t want to cut the fabric yet because I would most likely need to seam rip this section and start over at least once…and I was right. 🙂  Before the second try, I added more pins and held the fabric as tight as possible while sewing and it worked much better.

ADSC_3816 copy

I took in the sides a little, finished the sleeves and then it was done!

I think it turned out cute and it will be fun to wear this summer.  It would also be fun to dress down with a jean jacket too.  Here are a few photos of the final dress…

ADSC_3821 copy

ADSC_3823 copy


Who knows, maybe next summer I will alter again to be a non-maternity dress. 🙂



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