Crib Quilt

After a lot of research on Pinterest, I finally found an idea for a quilt pattern that didn’t look like it would be too difficult for a beginning quilter.

Once we found out we were having a boy, I picked out these six fabrics for the quilt.  The top three were on sale at Joann Fabric (I bought 1/2 yard each) and the bottom three were from a thrift store (over 3 yards each).

Crib Quilt


The fabric was cut into 6 inch squares and laid out on the floor.  I decided not to do a repetitive pattern with the different fabrics.

Crib Quilt

I made the quilt 6 squares wide by 10 squares long so that it would be about the same size as the crib mattress.

Next I stitched all of the squares together.

Baby Boy Crib Quilt

Next I saftey-pinned the middle of each square to secure it to the batting and the backing before starting the quilting stitches.

ADSC_3797 copyHere is what the thread looked like when I had just 4 rows left to stitch… I had just barely enough to finish the second to last row before running out.

ADSC_3799 copy


After folding up/pinning/sewing the edges, here is the finished quilt…


ADSC_3806 copy


ADSC_3809 copy


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