It’s a Boy!

On father’s day weekend we were able to get our parents & siblings together for a gender reveal party!

ADSC_3593 copy

After looking at all of the fun ideas on Pinterest, we decided to get a small gift for each couple to open and the color of the gift would tell them the gender of our baby.

ADSC_3585 copy

We got these bags at Target and then wrapped each gift in a layer of white tissue paper and topped the bag with a blue and a pink piece of tissue paper.  Each of the gifts were something that could be purchased for under $5 and was something practical that we knew our families would use.

For my parents, they mentioned they needed new ice cream dishes.  I found these at target in teal or pink so it was a perfect gift for this party!

ADSC_3586 copy

For Shawn’s parents, we bought them five blue dice since they play a lot of Yatzee.

ADSC_3590 copy

For my older brother & his wife, we got them two blue loofahs.  It’s a running joke in our family and a long story… but we knew they would love them!

ADSC_3589 copy

My younger brother got Hershey candy bars in his bag.  We wrapped them in blue scrapbook paper and cut out to undercover the letters ‘HE’.  If the baby was a girl we would have done the same thing with pink paper and uncovered the letters ‘SHE’.

ADSC_3587 copy

Since Shawn’s sister likes Yankee Candles, we got her and her husband a blue jar candle.

ADSC_3588 copy

Here are a few photos we took when everyone was here:

BDSC_3607 copy

BDSC_3603 copy

BDSC_3606 copy

BDSC_3609 copy

BDSC_3610 copy

BDSC_3608 copy  BDSC_3611 copy

After everyone opened their gifts, we could have cake!

ADSC_3594 copy ADSC_3612 copy

We also bought these onesies at Goodwill and fabric markers at Michael’s so that our family could design onesies for our little one.  The onesies were all different sizes so it will fun to see when he will be able to wear each of them.

ADSC_3591 copy


Everyone decorating their onesies…

BDSC_3613 copy

BDSC_3614 copy

BDSC_3615 copy

BDSC_3616 copy

BDSC_3617 copy

BDSC_3618 copy


The finished products:

BDSC_3619 copy

BDSC_3620 copy

BDSC_3621 copy

BDSC_3622 copy


9 thoughts on “It’s a Boy!

  1. Amazing photos to capture the exciting news! Love the creative gifts to reveal the gender!!! Congrats!!!

  2. LOVED the photos, Christina! Thanks so much for sharing your special day with the rest of us, too! Great memories. You guys are going to be the BEST parents to this sweet little boy!

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