Checkered Cake

We found this cake pan over two years ago shortly before Christmas on clearance at Walmart. This seemed like the perfect time to give it a try and after my S’more Cookie Fail, I was determined to get this to turn out!  I followed all of the instructions carefully. 🙂

First we mixed two boxes of white cake mix together and followed the normal instructions on the box.  Since we were going to be pouring three different layers in the same pan, they noted to make sure that you were using all of one flavor/brand of cake mix so the colors wouldn’t bleed together.

ADSC_3563 copy


We separated part of this out into a different bowl and added blue food coloring.

Next we poured the mix into the greased & floured pans using the divider tool that came with this kit.

ADSC_3564 copy

It was important to make sure all three sections were at the same height because the next step was to take the divider out… and cross your fingers.

ADSC_3565 copy

I think so far it looked similar to the photo on the box, so we had to be following the instructions well so far!


ADSC_3566 copy


The other two pans were then filled the same way, only with the blue on the outside and middle instead of the white.  They were then put in the oven following the standard baking times that were on the cake mix box.

ADSC_3567 copy


We took them out of the oven and allowed them time to cool for at least two hours before taking them out of the pan.

ADSC_3568 copy


After taking them out of the pan, they were flipped over and allowed time to cool a little bit longer.

ADSC_3570 copy


All three layers were then stacked together on the plate and it was ready to be frosted!

ADSC_3572 copy


By this point it because clear that we would not know if the checked pattern was a success or not until our family was here to watch us cut it the next day.


Here is one last photo before the cake was cut:

ADSC_3594 copy

The squares look a little more like trapezoids but for the most part I think it turned out ok. 🙂

ADSC_3612 copy



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