Wedding – {Film Canister} Name Cards

Since we are both photographers, I thought it would be fun to customize our place cards with a photography-theme.
We came up with the idea of using film canisters.  Luckily, at the time we were planning our wedding I was working at one of the last photo labs in town that still processed film.  This meant that collecting 150 empty film canisters was no problem.
Next we picked out four different colored scrapbook papers that matched our wedding colors and would represent the four different meal choices: Kids Meal, Chicken, Pork, Veggie.
These were cut into pieces the same size as the label on the canister.
After testing a number of different adhesives, we found that rubber cement worked the best.
After we completed the first 25, we set them to dry to see how they would hold up.  A few of them popped off of the canister in the drying process.
My husband found they held up best when a thin even layer of rubber cement was applied to the entire piece of paper (instead of the canister itself) and then extra rubber cement to the short edges.  We also held them a little bit longer before setting them to dry.  This took a little extra patience but seemed to solve the problem. Rubber bands were needed on a few of them when they were drying as well.
Once they were all dry, my husband designed the inserts with each of the guests’ names. These were attached to the tab of film that was in the canister with tape and then carefully rolled into the canister.
Photo Credit: Viveria Photography
We wrote the table numbers on the bottom and then had then all lined up at the door to the reception for our guests to pick up.
We were originally going to cut the end of the tabs to look like the end of film but figured it would be tough and time consuming to get them all to match.  Instead we rounded off the corners.

Photo Credit: Viveria Photography
The inside of them had a message to thank our guests for coming and also included a few of our engagement photos.
 Photo Credit: Viveria Photography
After viewing the message, guests could then roll it back up using the knob on the top of the canister.
The fun colors also made for some neat ring shots.


Photo Credit: Viveria Photography



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