Wedding – Bird Cage Card Holder

The birdcage for wedding cards was definitely one of the least time consuming projects we did for our wedding. We found several bird cages online that we liked but all of them were $40+. I was very excited to find this one for $15 at an antique store when I was out shopping with a friend.
I decided not to paint it or do too much to it as I loved the rustic look it already had.
A ribbon in our wedding color was woven around the edge of the cage and then a scrapbook piece of paper that matched our table numbers was cut and slid into the bottom of the cage.
Next my husband cut one of the wires on the top so that there was an opening large enough for the cards.
Photo Credit: Viveria Photography
It worked out great and after the wedding I replaced the ribbon with a soft ivory lace ribbon and now it is a decorative piece in our living room. 🙂
More details about our living room decorating can be found in other posts: Framed Wall CollageTV Panel Wall MountCouch Pillow MakeoverRecord Player Makeover + Living Room Before & Affter.

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