TV Panel – Wall Mount

Since all of our movies are now stored on an apple TV, we no longer needed a TV stand for a DVD player.  We decided to come up with a way to mount it on the wall.
Here’s step-by-step look at the process:
First, brackets for the 2×4’s were attached to the wall over where the studs are.
The 2×4’s were attached to the back of the panels so that it can easily be removed in two pieces later.
Then we used a staple gun to attach the fabric to the panels.
The 2×4’s were then screwed in on the side to the brackets that were mounted on the wall.
Since the top panel was going to hold the TV, extra holes were cut for cords and a shelf was added to the side to hold the wiiU.
The finished product!
You can also see our wall art project from the last post. 🙂  After we get our new couch, we will be adding a floor lap where the rocking chair is and painting the record player an antique white.

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