Thrift Store Wall Art

We have lived at our house for two years now and we are still gradually filling all of our empty walls!
My husband and I both have very similar decorating style and have no trouble agreeing on what to get.
I definitely like needlepoint and vintage art work more than he does so when I first found this four foot long framed needlepoint art, it took us a few days to decide where to put it.  Instead of over the couch in the living room, we agreed it could add some color to our hallway.
It was the perfect piece to go at the top of the stairs and it was just a $9.99 find at Goodwill!
 Once we found the perfect green paint for $5 in the mis-tint paint section at Menards, we finally got to add some color to the wall going up the stairs.  It looks great with the colors in this piece, which was important!
Here are a couple close ups so you can see the detail.



 The piece gave me a good color palette for the rest of our vintage-inspired hallway!
I found the wood plaque at Goodwill for just 49 cents.  The frame on the left was from my Nana and the color matched the other frame perfectly.  I didn’t want it to be too busy so instead of framing a photo, I framed a piece of scrapbook paper that matched the colors of the other artwork.
We have been looking for a fun stained glass piece for our living room.  I loved this piece but the muted colors matched better with our hallway decorations so it filled the last empty wall!
This piece from Goodwill was just $3.99!
(Notice we were in the process of painting during this photo, and the new green color also matched this piece perfectly!)


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