Navy Floral Dress – Refashion

My $1.49 find at Goodwill this morning.
I had to fight off a lot of people to get this dress! 😉


I wasn’t a fan of the neckline or the length and the weird band of pattern at the bottom was distracting…  but once you look at it closer, the pattern is actually pretty cute!
The bottom part of the dress was the first thing to go!  I always forget to leave extra room for the hem so I made sure to leave enough length so I could roll the hem over twice before sewing it.
Maybe I can use the bottom part of the skirt for a scarf?
I changed my mind about the neckline so many times.  Since I am terrible at sewing zippers I didn’t want it to be a style that would make me have to do any alterations to the back of the dress.
I ended up cutting a square neck and leaving the sides thicker so it’d be comfortable to wear with or without a cardigan.

Luckily the dress was already my size so other than the hem and the neckline I didn’t need to make any other alterations.

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