Living Room {Before & After} + Record Player Makeover

This was the last painting project we FINALLY got done before the cold weather! 🙂
Here was what the record player looked like before:
I loved the original color but all of our furniture downstairs was either a dark black/brown or a white and we wanted it to help brighten up the living room.
First I taped it all off and decided to keep the gold trim.  Then we added craft paper over the speakers and the top and taped it again.
This was the first time I spray painted furniture and I was expecting it to save time.  I learned the hard way that it actually takes more time and requires several small layers!
We didn’t do any sanding to this before hand and we didn’t prime it so I’m sure that was part of it.  We did add a clear coat at the very end and here is the final result:


I loved how it turned out but will definitely save the spray paint for the smaller projects in the future! 🙂
Once our new couch & chair arrived, our living room was final completed!  Here is a look at how we originally had it decorated with dark browns & blacks:
It’s amazing how much this changed the whole feel of the room.
Here is the after:


I LOVE how it turned out – better than I expected!

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