Framed Wall Collage

After a few weeks of collecting every $1.49 frame I could at Goodwill, we had enough to finally fill one of the empty walls in our living room.
I didn’t have any plan in the beginning on what photos would go in them or how it was going to be laid out, I just chose frames with different textures to get a variety.
Still having no idea what photos we were going to put in them, we came up with an arrangement using the birds on a wire wall art from Target mixed in.
I found this photo on Pinterest (from to use for my color inspiration.   Since our walls are light grey and green I wanted to find this blue color to paint the frames.
I couldn’t find any spray paint close to that color.  The first paint I got was the bright blue color that’s on one of these fames below and then decided on a more subtle and muted blue instead.
Painted two coats (no primer).
Then the fun part was measuring the design I laid out on the floor and making it look the same way on the wall.  We ended up changing the layout a little. 🙂
Then I used left over matte board I had from college and custom cut mattes for a few of our favorite photos.
So excited to see it all come together!  The best part was we didn’t spend more than $9 on all the frames and I finally got to hang up the birds I got over two years ago!
This wall will be where we will add in a few more of our favorite thrift store items & antiques such as our record player, typewriter, bird cage and a lamp.  Next on the list will be painting our record player an antique white.



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