Dining Room Chairs

I found these chairs at a consignment shop while I was still living in my studio apartment.  I didn’t have a table or chairs yet so I wanted to find something affordable but also cuter than folding chairs.
When I went back to look at them the second time they were half price so it was meant to be!
I liked the original colors but the fabric was worn and faded and the paint was uneven.
We decided to give them a makeover before we moved into our new house.
You can see their original color on the chair on the left.  The last owner had spray painted them black and then the red-brown color on top of that.




The next step was picking out the new color to stain them.
We found this great solid wood brown-black table at IKEA and it was the perfect style to go with our chairs.  We found a black stain and after just one coat, the color matched perfectly!
The next step was recovering the seat.
Once we took off the faded blue striped we found the original fabric was in good condition.

To mix our contemporary and traditional style we found a print that had more of a country style which worked out well with the modern style of the chairs
The seats weren’t attached to the chairs so they were easy to just pop out and staple on the new fabric.


 I am so happy with how these turned out and we get so many compliments on them!  I’m also so thankful that all four chairs fit at the table just perfectly!



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