Christmas Dress – Refashion

I found this green dress at Goodwill in November on a $1.49 Tuesday sale.  I loved the boat neck and the sleeve length and thought about either shortening it to make a cute dress or going all out to make a cheesy Christmas dress for an ugly sweater party.

ADSC_3800 copy

After I realized that removing the ruffles would involve taking apart most of the dress and leaving weird seams I decided to make it a shirt instead.


Since the poofy sleeves were a little much I figured it would be easiest to make it sleeveless but once I started cutting the sleeves off I liked the look of the cap sleeves.

This dress looks like it was originally handmade and someone must have worked hard to sew in all of those pleats for the poofy sleeves so this was I was still saving some of that detail. 🙂

I love dresses and the thought of not having this end up as a dress was hard enough so I wanted to find something to do with the bottom half of the skirt.  Once I laid it out, it made more sense for it to be a tree-skirt!  I love Christmas so this way I still get to enjoy the whole original dress and when people come over for Christmas next year they will be trying to figure out how my shirt matches the tree skirt perfectly. 🙂


I rolled over all of the edges twice, pinned them and sewed the seams.  Since the front and back of the shirt looked identical I had to add something to the back.  I cut a keyhole and sewed on the two buttons that were orginally on the sleeves.



I’m happy with how this first Goodwill-find refashion turned out!  In the end, I’m glad I have a cute top that I will get to wear more often than a Cheesy Christmas dress. 🙂



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