Blue Floral Dress – Refashion

What this dress looked like when I first got it…
I liked the print and the buttons but that was about it.



The collar was the first thing that had to go.


The tricky part was making this dress still work as a tie-back dress since there wasn’t a zipper.


Took off the sleeves and took off some of the length.  It was looking better already!


Used some of the leftover fabric from the bottom to make a second set of tie-back straps as well as straps for the top of the dress.


I added a sweetheart neckline and I almost left it as a halter-top dress.

Without a dress form pinning the hem was tricky so I asked my husband to either wear the dress while I pinned it or to pin it while I wore it… he chose the second option. 🙂
Now it’s a whole new dress!



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