Bedroom Dressers

After storing our clothes in rubbermaid drawers and stacked on bookshelves, we were very excited to find these dressers at a thrift store for the master bedroom!
Knowing that at some point we would buy nicer dressers to match the cherry color of our bed, we decided to make these inexpensive-finds a fun accent for our room.
The walls are a dusty blue (which we wanted to be grey) with a sage green accent wall.  To try to correct our oddly mismatched color scheme we found this bright teal color that worked great with both colors!  Our bedspread is grey & white so this just added some more color!



We painted these with two coats of primer and two coats of glossy paint and left the inside of the drawers white.
The person working at Menards talked us into a glossy finish because it would be easier for dusting but if we were to do this again, we would definitely use a flatter finish.
I didn’t mind the glossy look so much once the edges were sanded and I love how it made the white handles & drawers pop.
We liked how the handles from each dresser were different but the styles were very similar.  Once we spray painted them all white, it made the dressers look more like a set.
I found these drawer liners at Home Goods long before we had found the dresser but they were such a good deal and I loved the patterns/colors so I was very excited once I finally got to use them!



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